Online - Neurologic Music Therapy - October 24, 2020

Neurologic Music Therapy

                                        for movement disorders

Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) is the evidence-based practice that makes use of standardized musical exercises that can be applied to areas of functioning including cognition, motor skills & communication.


Virtual NMT will be offered to the dystonia community as a pilot project for those who are interested in trying music therapy to receive musical exercises & resources that aid in maintaining communication & motor skills.


NMT classes will be offered by music therapist Nicholas Scott, over Zoom groups, for 45 minutes with a 5-minute break.


Upcoming classes will be offered on the following dates

at 2 PM – 3 PM Eastern Time


Saturday October 24, 2020

Saturday November 28, 2020

Saturday December 19, 2020


Virtual Neurological Music Therapy is graciously offered by:

Nicholas Scott BFA, CBMT (MTA, Neurologic Music Therapist), is a Music Therapist Accredited (MTA) through the Canadian Association of Music Therapy (CAMT).  Nicholas’ passion for music and supporting others in their lives grew since he was a child.  He always enjoyed singing and later went to study music. In July of 2020 he wrote and his board certification exam and attained his accreditation. After his accreditation he underwent further training in Neurologic Music Therapy to better understand music’s effects on the human neurologic system and became accredited as a Neurologic Music Therapist as well.  He believes that music inherently is therapeutic and engaging in music holds many benefits.  He is well versed in how to apply music to support people in different areas of functioning including cognitive, motor, communication and emotional realms. 


To register, email and indicate which class you would like to register for.