Samuel Belzberg 6th International Dystonia Symposium, Dublin, Ireland, June 4-6, 2020

The Samuel Belzberg 6th International Dystonia Symposium will be taking place on June 4-6, 2020 in Dublin Ireland.

The DMRF (US) has announced that registration to attend the event is now open. The deadline for abstract submissions is April 15, 2020, and for registration is June 2, 2020.

What is the Samuel Belzberg 6th International Dystonia Symposium (IDS6)? This event is an international dystonia meeting, the latest in a series organized since 1975.

The last meeting was held in 2011 in Barcelona, Spain. In the 9 years that have passed since the 5th Symposium was held, medical researchers and professionals have made significant strides in better understanding dystonia and advancing knowledge and treatment of the movement disorder. They hope to share and extend their knowledge of dystonia beyond current limits in order to help individuals with the disorder live lives to their fullest potential.

The IDS6 aims to supplement the latest findings and research on dystonia research. Researchers and clinicians in the field will provide a detailed and intensive program of sessions that will discuss the most recent information on dystonia. Other topics will include the anatomical and physiological basis of dystonia, molecular mechanisms influencing the disorder, and novel therapeutics that now exist to treat the movement disorder. Each day poster sessions and late-breaking news will also be featured at the event.

Researchers and clinicians hope that this meeting provides a creative platform for a stimulating exchange of ideas. They also hope the event proves to be personally rewarding for all those who make the trip to Dublin, Ireland to attend.

If you wish to find out more information about this International Symposium and to learn about registration dates and deadlines, please visit the following link:

Contact Information:

Samuel Belzberg 6th International Dystonia Symposium

4th-6th June 2020

Dublin, Ireland

C/O Keynote PCO, Suite 26, Anglesea House, Carysfort Avenue, Blackrock Co Dublin, Ireland

Tel: +353 1 400 3626