Webinar for Parents of Children and Teens with Dystonia - November 2018

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When a child is diagnosed with dystonia, parents may not know where to turn. The process of diagnosis and coping with symptoms can be overwhelming. Join Stefanie Ince, Executive Director, DMRF Canada, and  Inge A. Meijer MD, PhD, FRCPC for a special webinar presentation on November 15,  2018 at 7:00 PM EST.  This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Forms of dystonia;
  • Classifications of dystonia;
  • How a diagnosis is made;
  • Possible treatment methods;
  • There will also be some time for Dr. Meijer to answer some of your questions.

A note that a similar presentation will be available after the fact but the entire webinar will not be available after the fact.  To RSVP for this session, please email info@dystoniacanada.org with the subject line – Register for Dystonia Parent Webinar.  If you do have a specific question please include it in this email request.

Our thanks to the Allergan International Foundation for their support of this initaitve.