Toronto Support Group Summer Nutrition Workshops August 2017

Join our upcoming Summer Nutrition Seminar, hosted by the DMRF Canada - Toronto Support Group 

Subject: Nutrition session Part 2 -  Making Healthy Choices

When: August 26th (Saturday), 2017from 12 pm to 2 pm,

Where:  32 Kern Rd, North York, ON, M3B 1T1

Here is What You Can Expect: 

  •  Review of Canada’s Food Guide
  •  Understanding Nutrition Facts Tables/Label Reading
  •  % Daily Values (DV)
  •  How to use DV
  •  Health/Nutrition Claims
  •  Using Nutrition information on food labels to make better choices

The program is free of charge. Refreshments are provided, but feel free to bring a snack to share!

If you have any questions please contact Shirley at or RSVP at 416-441-2232