VIRTUAL/ONLINE Yogatonia - August 8, 2020

DMRF Canada will be hosting the first virtual/online modified yoga session for people with Dystonia. Everyone is free to attend this session. You do not need to have prior experience with yoga. Yoga instructor, Jaya, will lead you through this relaxing session over Zoom. 

Date: August 8, 2020

Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Time

Registration: To register for this session, click

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

The answers to questions collected during/after registration are used for the purpose of customizing the session. The purpose of this information collected is separate from the purpose of the personal details collected. The personally identifiable information of registrants is collected for correspondence purposes only and not shared with anyone outside of DMRF Canada. Also, the webinar will be recorded for playback purposes, for those who cannot attend. 

Recommendations for the session:  If possible use a non-slip surface placed near a wall, a chair, and any yoga blocks or a couple of cushions if available.

Yoga is more than mere exercise. It is a profound life tool to support engaged and conscious living while providing innumerable benefits to the body. Yogatonia is a safe workshop for individuals with Dystonia in which a variety of practices will be experienced. Gentle yoga postures are designed to strengthen, stabilize, and relax the body.  Breathing techniques and meditation will soothe the mind and calm the nervous system. Your guide will offer modifications for all exercises to help tailor the class to your unique needs.

About Jaya:

Jaya has been working with people with dystonia in Edmonton from the Prana Yoga Studio.

"Yoga changed my life both when I began practicing over 20 years ago and through the collective years spent in quietude paying attention to my inner environment. Teaching in the holistic practice of Akhanda Yoga for the past 14 years has been a privilege through which I have worked with individuals to engage their hearts with their lives while witnessing the growth and shift into freedom as the fruit of exploring the mind. I am dedicated to a daily meditation and conscious movement practice and maintain a commitment to both utilize and share these profound life tools.  Four children have graced me with their presence and teach me masterfully and comically.  I invite students to share with me in the release of suffering and dive into our liberation. Mind/body/soul."
- Jaya


Thanks to the generous support of the Edmonton Dystonia Support Group and Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals.

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Meeting/Session Regulations

Code of Conduct

During this online session it is the responsibility of all of participants and hosts to create and maintain a welcoming and accepting environment. All participants and hosts are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the Meeting Code of Conduct.

The Meeting Code of Conduct is the expectation that participants and hosts will conduct themselves in a manner consistent with generally accepted standards of behaviour, DMRF Canada regulations and policies, and in compliance with federal, provincial and municipal laws. Unacceptable standards of behaviour include dressing inappropriately, using inappropriate or disrespectful language, inappropriate or disrespectful gestures.


If you do not wish to be seen or heard, please keep your camera or microphone turned off. Participants joining by phone will have their phone numbers masked for privacy. Please refrain from sharing any confidential information during the session.


All questions during a presentation should be asked through the chat panel unless otherwise stated. Inappropriate or disrespectful language in the chat panel or on video or audio will not be tolerated. The host/co-hosts reserve the right to remove anyone who does not behave accordingly.

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