Kelowna/Okanagan Dystonia Support Group

Providing dystonia patients and their families with support and information through online support as well as regular in person support group meetings.

Below you can find a list of medical professionals in the Kelowna/Okanagan area, but we also have some contacts for alternative therapies in the area, here. Please note that the DMRF Canada does not endorse any specific treatment or method for managing your dystonia. Please ensure you speak with your Doctor or Movement Disorder Specialist before you proceed with any treatments.

Leaders / Contact
Carla Costain
(250) 762-8414
Anne Skomedal
(250) 763-7739
Local Medical Professionals / Movement Disorder Specialists
Okanagan Movement Disorder Clinic (University of British Columbia)
(250) 862-4181
Daryl Wile (Neurologist)

DMRF Canada does not endorse any specialist or course of treatment and encourages you to consult your physician regarding your unique requirements.

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