Volunteers Needed for Calgary Casino

We are looking for casino volunteers to help staff the DMRF Calgary Casino at on August 11 and 12, 2019.

The night shift is the most challenge to recruit for, so if any of you have friends or relatives that want to volunteer for a good cause, we'd be delighted to have them. Remember: Each volunteer contributes the equivalent of $2,000.00 for dystonia research and support programs. 

The money goes to support local initiatives to support the Calgary group through initiatives like last year's Symposium, and a large portion to valuable research that is peer-reviewed and funded through the DMRF Canada research program. 

The DMRF is very dependent on funds raised through the casinos in Calgary and Edmonton as we are the only province that has such a benefit program through gaming. It allows charitable groups to determine where their raised funds should be committed. We all know that dystonia research is our only hope for better treatments and a cure. 

Please contact DMRF Canada at info@dystoniacanada.org if you are interested in volunteering. Thank you for your support!