Research Update - Artificial Intelligence & Deep Brain Stimulation to Treat Dystonia

The DMRF is partnering with Jesse H. Goldberg, MD, PhD of Cornell University on a new project to engineer a revolutionary new generation of deep brain stimulation (DBS) devices to treat dystonia and other neurological diseases.

In current DBS systems, an implanted medical device delivers continuous stimulation to the brain and adjustments to the stimulation must be made using a remote control device in the hands of a highly trained clinician

A major obstacle to providing patients with maximum benefit from this therapy is knowing where in the brain to stimulate and tailoring stimulation parameters to the unique needs of each patient. Dr. Goldberg proposes a radically new approach to DBS. He is using artificial intelligence to develop a system in which a computer, interconnected with the brain, figures out exactly how and where to stimulate to restore normal movement.

More information on this project can be found in the Winter issue of the Dystonia Dialogue magazine. All three issues are free to members.