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You don't just have to pick up the phone to ring us anymore - we are on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Youtube. 

How we use social media

We use social media to react to breaking news, update supporters and share information - just like you do with your friends and followers. But our social media channels are about more than just sharing what we are up to - you can also share your own pictures and stories with us. We love to read about fundraising events and seeing snaps of our supporters.

Our social media pages allow us to continue to grow, raise awareness and support our communities.

The more follows, likes, and supporters we have online the better. Help us to get the word out.

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Also, check out our local Facebook groups:

Winnipeg Dystonia Support Group is here.

London Dystonia Support Group is here.

Alberta Dystonia Support Group is here.

Calgary Dystonia Support Group is here.

Montreal Dystonia Support Group (French) is here. / Ici pour le groupe de soutien Dystonie-partage de Montréal. 

Montreal Dystonia Support Group (English) is here.

Vancouver Dystonia Support Group is here.

Toronto/ GTA Dystonia Support Group is here



Check out our Online Dystonia Groups:

Dystonia Awareness Group For Canada is here.

Facebook Group: "Cervical Dystonia Support Forum"

Facebook Group: "Oromandibular, Blepharospasm & Cranial Dystonia Support Forum"

Facebook Group: "20/30 Dystonia Group - A Forum for People in Their 20s and 30s"

Facebook Group: "Support4Parents of Children with Dystonia" 

Facebook Group: "Generalized Dystonia Support Forum"

Facebook Group: "Paroxysmal Dyskinesia"

Facebook Group: "Parenting with Dystonia Support Forum"

Facebook Group: "Dystonia Spouses & Loved Ones"

Facebook Group: "Caring4Parents with Movement Disorders": Email for more information.

We have launched a Facebook Group for parents of children with dystonia.  If you are a parent of a child or a teen who has dystonia in Canada, you can join our Facebook Group – the link is here.