Opportunities to Volunteer for DMRF Canada 


Support Group Leaders

One of the most impactful ways DMRF Canada provides support is through our Support Group Network. These groups serve as a lifeline and provide opportunities for people with dystonia and their families to connect and thrive in the community. We are looking for new Support Group Leaders to volunteer in the following communities: 

Victoria BC (New leader)

Calgary AB (Co-leader, Treasurer, Secretary)

Fredericton NB (New leader)

Hamilton ON (New leader)

Toronto, ON (New leader)

Volunteers can take on different roles or tasks within the group. To read more about the Support Group Leader eligibility, role, and responsibilities please click here. If you are not interested in leading a group, but you would still like to volunteer your time, please let us know.

Volunteer Opportunity at Bingo World and Gaming Richmond Hill

Attention Greater Toronto Area Residents! DMRF Canada is excited to announce a fundraising opportunity through Bingo World and Gaming Richmond Hill. In exchange for volunteers’ time, DMRF Canada will receive a portion of the money raised from the Bingo events.

Volunteering Details
•    Shift Duration: Each volunteer shift will last 2.5 hours.
•    Funds Raised: Each event will generate approximately $3,000 for dystonia research and support programs.
•    Commitment: We are seeking volunteers who can participate every two months for at least six months.
•    Requirements: You do not need to have dystonia to volunteer. Volunteers should be able to walk or stand for their 2.5-hour shift and be capable of tucking in chairs.

Email info@dystoniacanada.orgwith your contact information and the community you’d like to volunteer in.

Last update: Jul 2024