Dystonia Research that Changes Lives

Submitted by Intern on October 31, 2019 - 12:27pm

DMRF Canada is dedicated to supporting research into better treatments and a cure for dystonia.  We are actively supporting a number of research programs that will have a direct impact on patient well being. Click on the links below to learn more about the specific DMRF Canada supported research programs that are in progress:

Partnership with Banting Research Foundation – Supporting research focused on sensory feedback in dystonia

DMRF Canada and Allergan Canada Funded Clinical Fellow in Dystonia 2018 - 2019

Clinical and Research Fellowship 2019 - 2021 - Encouraging Dystonia Patient Support and Clinical Research Here in Canada

Better Clinical Treatment Grant - Dr. Fasano (October 2019)

Better Clinical Treatment Grant - Dr. Kiss (October 2019)

For more information and the latest dystonia research news, click here