How to Evaluate and Use Information Available Online

A key challenge we face in the digital information age, is the fact that anyone can put anything on the internet. DMRF Canada has compiled some resources to help the dystonia community discern between information that is available from trusted sources, vs. information promoted by unverified sources.  Read on to help you make the most of what you find online. 

Evaluating Information Online

DMRF Canada website remains a trusted source. Our dystonia-related information is shared and/or vetted by our sister organization DMRF (USA). The information presented at both and  is thoroughly fact-checked by experts prior to publishing.   

It’s important to think critically about what you read, what the source is, and why the information is being presented online. Asking some simple questions can often help you determine if the information you’ve obtained is evidence-based. 

Click here for a useful tip sheet, developed by the Toronto Public Library.  This article, entitled; “Spot Fake News” provides a great checklist for reviewing the information you find online – and how to ensure you are flagging misinformation when you find it.  

Check out this useful infographic on How to Spot Fake News.

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You are Responsible for Your Own Health – and Every Case is Different 

DMRF Canada recommends that, in addition to carefully reviewing the information that you find online, that you also speak with your Neurologist / Movement Disorder Specialist regarding your dystonia diagnosis, and treatment plan. 

Staying Safe Online – Protect Yourself: 

In addition to evaluating the dystonia-related information you find online, its also important to remember that you are mindful about protecting your online privacy. Read on for some good tips from the Government of Canada:    

Privacy and Anti-Spam Regulations in Canada:  

Institutions and registered charitable organizations, like DMRF Canada, must comply with privacy, anti-spam, and other regulations before publishing information. Here are some additional tips:  


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Last update: Mar 2022