Clinical Trials and Other Studies for Dystonia

Dystonia Study Group

The Dystonia Study Group (DSG) is a non-profit group of physicians from medical centers in the United States, Canada and Europe who are experienced in the care of dystonia patients and dedicated to the clinical research of dystonia. The DSG has grown to include 73 dystonia experts from 47 geographically diverse investigative sites.

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Research Studies in Canada:

TMS Study: Dr. Talyta Grippe at the Toronto Western Hospital. Until October 2024.

Dystonia Coalition Projects: Dr. Susan Fox at the Toronto Western Hospital. 

Rare Disease Caregiver Study: University of Manitoba. Until Jan. 31, 2024. Closed. 

Other Research Studies in Canada listed on

Research Studies in Other Countries:

USA - Research on Focal Dystonia (Laryngeal Dystonia or Hand Dystonia: University of California San Francisco - In-person study. NO TRAVEL FUNDS. 

Ireland - A survey that aims to investigate the use of non-traditional therapies (herbal medicines, acupuncture, CBD oil) for people with focal dystonias: Dystonia Research Group, Dublin and University College Dublin. CLOSED


Last update: Jul 2024