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Non-motor symptoms in dystonia: from diagnosis to treatment (October 2023)

Identifying Longitudinal predictors of health-related quality of life in isolated dystonia (October 2023)

BoNT effects on Anxiety for CD (September 2023)

Assessing the Severity of Cervical Dystonia: Ask the Doctor or Ask the Patient? (June 2023)

2023-2025 DMRF Canada Clinical and Research Fellowship Training Program (Supported by Merz Therapeutics) : Dr. Talyta Grippe (June 2023)

DMRF Canada Awards New Genetic Dystonia Research Grant (August 2022)

2022 Dystonia Coalition Pilot Projects Program Award Announcement (August 2022)

Developing Specific Recommendations for Diagnosis and Classification of Blepharospasm (Credit: The Rare Disease Clinical Research Network, August 16, 2022)

Research Bits - Dystonia Dialogue (Credit: DMRF)

New Consensus Guidelines for Botulinum Neurotoxin Therapy for Dystonia & Spasticity (Credit: DMRF)

Luka Milosevic - Banting Research Foundation Grant 2022 Recipient - Supported by the DRMF Canada (July 2022)

Investigating Dystonia Remission (Credit: DMRF, June 2022)

Botulinum Neurotoxin Injections for Dystonia: Considerations for Best Results Webinar - (Credit: DMRF, June 2022)

DMRF (USA) hosted Virtual Dystonia Educational Symposium - November 13, 2021

Former DMRF MSAC member Dr. Simonyan receives $11.9 Million NIH Grant to Lead New Center for Neurological Voice Disorders (Credit: DMRF, September 2021)

New Dystonia Drug Candidates Discovered (Credit: DMRF, August 2021)

DMRF-Funded Investigators Develop New Approach to Studying Motor Control  (Credit: Reprinted, with permission from DMRF Dystonia Dialogue, Summer 2021 Vol 44, No 2.) 

Dystonia Research Extra Access (2021) 

Dystonia Dialogue: 2021 Grants & Research Fellowships (Credit: DMRF Dystonia Dialogue, Summer 2021, Vol. 44 No. 2)

The Dystonia Coalition: A Multicenter Network for Clinical and Translational Studies (April 2021)

2021-2023 DMRF Canada Clinical and Research Fellowship (Supported by Merz Therapeutics): Dr. JiaRen Chai  (March 2021)

Research Bits: New dystonia studies are published daily (January 2021)

Dystonia Research Continues despite COVID-19 Pandemic (January 2021)

Is it Tremor or Dystonia? New Research Aims for Better Understanding to Improve Diagnosis, Treatment - Blogpost by Dystonia Coalition (December, 2020)

Dystonia Coalition Database Uncovers Characteristics of Upper Limb Dystonia (October 2020)

Researchers Discover New Gene Causing Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (September 2020)

Rare Diseases Clinical Research Network (RDCRN)'s Dystonia Coalition (August, 2020)

DMRF Canada Research and Clinical Fellow Explores the Psycho-Social Aspects of Dystonia (August 2020)

Untangling the Complexity of Dystonia: 40+ Years of Research Achievements  (July 2020)

Career Development Program and Pilot Projects Program - Dystonia Coalition (May 2020)

Banting Research Foundation Grant 2019 Recipient - Supported by the DRMF Canada (August 2019)

Dystonia can be caused by genetic defects and abnormally functioning proteins and cellular pathways (August 2019)

Dystonia is a network disorder (August 2019)

Myoclonus Dystonia is a rare form of dystonia with unusual features (August 2019)

Musician’s Dystonia (August 2019)

DMRF Canada 2019 Promise and Progress Report (July 2019) 

Better Clinical Treatments for Dystonia Patients - Dr. Fasano (June 2019)

Better Clinical Treatments for Dystonia Patients - Dr. Kiss (June 2019)

Conversations with Investigator Series (May 2019) 

Congratulations Dr. Bukhari Paralaktruk (May 2019)

Treatment with Cannabinoids Improves Dystonia in Huntington’s Disease (May 2019)

Targeted Gene Panel May Provide Cost-Effective Diagnostic Tool for Movement Disorders (May 2019)

New Project Combines Artificial Intelligence & Deep Brain Stimulation to Treat Dystonia (May 2019)

DMRF Annual MSAC Meeting (March 2019)

DMRF Welcomes New Scientific Director (March 2019)

2019 DMRF CanadaTwo Year Clinical and Research Fellowship: Dr. Mario Sousa (February 2019)

Research Funding Opportunities (December 2018)

Artificial Intelligence & Deep Brain Stimulation to Treat Dystonia (December 2018) 

Novel Technologies Fuel Dystonia Discoveries (November 2018) 

Research Update - NINDS Dystonia Workshop (November 2018)

Myoclonus Dystonia Research Update (October 2018)

New Research Funding Opportunity - Brain Networks for Dystonia  (September 2018)

Clinical Trial for Writers Cramp Dystonia taking place at Duke University (September 2018)

2018 Clinical Fellow Karlo Lizarraga, M.D., M.S, Sets Up Toxin Clinic at Toronto Western General (August 2018)

DMRF Canada 2018 Promise and Progress Report (July 2018) 

New Dystonia Grant Funding Recipient Announced (June 2018)

Dystonia Investigators Pursue Pathways to the Cure (April 2018)

2018 Clinical Fellowship In Dystonia Announced (March 2018)

New Clinical Trial – DBS for Focal Hand Dystonia (February 2018)

Update on 2018 DMRF Medical and Science Advisory Council Meeting

New Studies Explore Novel Therapies for Musicians

Discovery through DNA

DYT6 Dystonia Protein Regulates Process Critical for Neuron Maturation

DMRF-Funded Investigators Evaluate AZD1446 as Possible Dystonia Drug

Clinical Trial for Cervical Dystonia

Research Funding Opportunities

New Research Award Granted to Dr. Robert Chen, Toronto Western Hospital (Oct 2017)

The Latest Dystonia Research Project We are Funding - Right Here in Canada (Sept 2017)

Treatment Satisfaction with Botulinum Toxin: A Comparison Between Blepharospasm And Cervical Dystonia (Sept 2017)

DMRF Funds Research Focused on Treatments (Sept 2017)

DMRF Canada and Allergan Announce the Launch of the First-Ever Clinical Fellowship for Dystonia (Sept 2017)

Guiding Principles of DMRF research (August 2017)

The Dystonia Canada Survey Report (July 2017)

Research Update: AZD1446 (July 2017)

DYT6 Dystonia Protein THAP1 Regulates Myelination (July 2017)

DMRF Canada 2017 Promise and Progress Report (May 2017) 

Movement, Models, Momentum (May 2017) 

TorsinA & LAP1 Proteins are Required for Nuclear Migration (April 2017)

Investigators Uncover New Mechanism—and Potentially Novel Surgical Target—for Dystonia (April 2017)

Investigators Discover Mutations in KMT2B Cause Complex Childhood Dystonia (Jan 2017)

DeLong Award Recipient Announced 

How Will We Cure Dystonia? 

DMRF Funded Discoveries Clarify Drug Mechanism of Action and Neurocircuitry Underlying Dystonia

Researchers Target TorsinA for Answers

Disruption of Protein Processing in the Endoplasmic Reticulum of DYT1 Knock-in Mice Implicates Novel Pathways in Dystonia Pathogenesis (Oct 2016)

Step by Step toward the Cure: DMRF Experts Blaze Trail toward New Discoveries (February 2016)

Myoclonus-Dystonia Research Program (February 2016)

DMRF Creates New Award for Young Investigators (2016)

GETTING (RE)ORGANIZED: Abnormal Brain Pathways in Adult Onset Dystonia (2016)

Dystonia in Four-Legged Friends (2016)

TorsinA May Have Critical Role in Health of Basal Ganglia Neurons (2016)

Moving toward a Cure: Lessons from DRD

CIHR Funded Projects

Assessment of sensorimotor integration pathways during an illusory multi-sensory perception 

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