DMRF Annual MSAC Meeting

In February, the DMRF held our annual research meeting in San Antonio, TX. The MSAC is comprised of pre-eminent clinicians and researchers and represents expertise in microbiology, genetics, brain circuitry, epidemiology, and related fields.  MSAC members providing inaugural presentations in their area of expertise included Michelle Ehrlich, MD (Mt. Sinai School of Medicine), Niccolo Mecacci, MD, Ph.D. (Northwestern University), Jill Ostrem, MD (UCSF) and Roy Sillitoe (Baylor College of Medicine). The keynote lecture was offered by Pedro Gonzalez-Alegre, MD, Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania).  DMRF Board Member Ron Hersh spoke with him about his important work to better understand the biological bases of dystonia.

Dr. Gonzalez-Alegre is a former MSAC member, recipient of the prestigious DMRF Stan Fahn Award, and also ran the NYC Marathon as part of the DMRF Team (among his many accomplishments). He has also received funding from the Department of Defense, which began offering to fund to dystonia investigators at the urging of the Dystonia Advocacy Network. Click Here to View the Video.

Last update: Oct 2022