Encouraging Dystonia Patient Support and Clinical Research Here in Canada

“DMRF Canada is proud to once again to be able offer this opportunity to a worthy candidate who has already demonstrated dedication and passion for the movement disorders field,” said Bill Saundercook, Chair, DMRF Canada. “We know that proper evaluation by a movement disorder neurologist can make a significant difference in terms of the treatment options available to dystonia patients and the corresponding benefit from treatment. Providing the opportunity to encourage and support research in a clinical setting is critically important for the understanding and care for patients in the community.” said Saundercook.

Dr. Mario Sousa was very highly recommended by his Mentor, Dr. Fox, Director of the Movement Disorders Fellowships at the University of Toronto, Toronto Western Hospital, who said; “Dr. Sousa demonstrates excellent research potential. He is receiving additional training in Clinical Research from Harvard Medical School. He has shown an interest in dystonia during his Neurology residency and is particularly interested in the neuropsychiatric aspects of dystonia.”

This is a positive step for the movement disorder community, and dystonia patients. DMRF added the research component, and a second year of funding for this fellowship to allow Fellows the opportunity to learn from patients in the clinical setting. DMRF Canada is delighted that Dr. Sousa will be using his expertise and skills to further his clinical understanding – and his research capacity - at Toronto Western Hospital.

“My interest in movement disorders started very early when I was in the first weeks of my residency of neurology. The more patients with movement disorders I interacted with, the more I wanted to work to help them. I’m really excited to be given the opportunity to learn with the world class team of physicians at Toronto Western Hospital. I hope to become proficient in the management of dystonia and look forward to learning about the various treatments and methods for improving patient care and quality of life.” Said Dr. Sousa.

On behalf of the DMRF Canada Board of directors, our staff and volunteers, we congratulate Dr. Sousa on this Fellowship and wish him the best of luck.

DMRF Canada Research and Clinical Fellow Explores the Psycho-Social Aspects of Dystonia (An interview with Dr. Mario Sousa)


Last update: Jul 2020