Multi-Center Dystonia Research Project Launched

With the support of a very generous donor, DMRF Canada is facilitating a one-year, multi-center research project that will aim to validate a clinical and deep learning-based tool for recognition assessment and monitoring of complex movement disorders in dystonia patients.

“If successfully completed, this project will provide a dynamic system for unbiased diagnosis and clinical evaluation of dystonia and other movement disorders.” - DMRF Chief Scientific Advisor Jan Teller

Led by Lead Principal Investigator, Dr. Laura Cif, MD, PhD, at the LRENC Montpellier, France, in partnership with Co-Principal Investigators Xavier Vasques, PhD (at LRENC CTO IBM Technology, France), Alexandre Legros PhD (Principal Investigator, Lawson Health Research Institute and Associate Professor, Western University, Canada), PhD (Western University, Canada) and Gabriella Horvath, MD, PhD (Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia), this project aims to improve and facilitate the assessment, monitoring and management of complex dystonia syndromes, with a particular focus on pediatric onset movement disorders.

This project deals with the development and validation of a complex ‘scale’ that can be used to identify and monitor dystonia and associated motor symptoms. The team will also attempt to develop a deep learning-based library to train models from clinical video recordings to ultimately perform video-based clinical classification and assessment to precisely diagnose movement disorders.

Last update: Apr 2023