Employee Giving Programs Can Make Your Gift Go Further

Did you know that your gift to DMRF Canada could be doubled - or even tripled?

Many companies have a matching gift program, that will double or triple any charitable contributions made by their employees.  

DMRF Canada has raised close to $20,000 through employee giving programs over the last 3 years alone!

We encourage you to investigate what giving programs your organization offers. You can make your gift to support dystonia research and support programs go even further – and change the lives of thousands of Canadians living with dystonia.  

How does this work?

1. Check with your employer’s HR Department to see if they match charitable gifts and obtain a matching gift request form.  

2. Fill in the form and return it to the appropriate contact. Forward your matching gift form along with your donation to: 

    DMRF Canada
    PO Box 1009
    Toronto STN Toronto Dom
    Toronto ON M5K 1P2

    Email: info@dystoniacanada.org  

Donating through United Way:Did you know that you can direct your United Way gift to DMRF Canada? Check with your United Way representative at your company and/or within your HR Department to find out how.   

Thank you for taking this extra step to encourage support from your community.  Every action, each interaction within your network, and all funds will make a difference to our mission.  



Catherine, DMRF Canada Board

Catherine, DMRF Canada Board Member: “Leveraging my company’s employee giving program to benefit the dystonia community has made my donation go farther, and it helped to raise awareness of the condition to my broader community. I encourage anyone who is working for a corporation to take a few moments to learn more about what your company will do to support your charitable giving efforts.”



Last update: Jul 2023