Do It For Dystonia

Do you want to support the dystonia community? Do you have a hobby or special interest you love doing? Need that push to try something new? Here’s an opportunity to let yourself shine while raising funds and awareness for dystonia.

This year, DMRF Canada wants to see you ‘Do It for Dystonia’!  

About the campaign:

The spirit of this campaign is to empower people to put their passions, skills, and talents on display in order to raise awareness and funds for dystonia. We want to celebrate how individuals with dystonia succeed in all aspects of life. It can be either something you love to do or something you haven’t tried yet. It can be anything you want it to be! All that matters is that you do it for dystonia – and for yourself.

How To Participate:

1. Set Your Goal: Come up with an idea and set an amount you would like to raise
2. Design Your Page: Describe what you will do and why you are doing it. Click here to create your page on Facebook  or Canada Helps 
3. Tell Them Where The Money Will Go
4. Share Your Message: Tell your family and friends, as well as DMRF Canada of your plans, and share your journey using the hashtag #doit4dystonia
5. Say Thank You: Provide updates.  Let people know how close you are to reaching your goal. Thank everyone who donates and let them know they've helped make a difference. 

With this campaign, you’ll be tackling your own individual challenges, inspiring others, raising much-needed awareness of dystonia – and inspiring others!  Plus you can win great prizes!

DMRF Canada will feature the top ‘Do It for Dystonia’ fundraiser in the Spring 2025 Newsletter. Please submit your story, along with campaign details by January 2025.

Looking for Inspiration and Ideas?

Join the Facebook Group DoIt4Dystonia so that you can draw inspiration from others and keep each other motivated! Here are some great ideas from other dystonia advocates across Canada:

Books for Dystonia

Long-time DMRF Canada supporter, Brian Dickey from Collingwood, Ontario wrote a book titled “Tale of The Wednesday Niters”, a story reflecting on his fond memories of growing up playing hockey with profits to benefit DMRF Canada. In total, Brian was able to raise an incredible $2000.00 for DMRF Canada.