How We Support Research

DMRF Canada proudly partners with different organizations and coalitions to ensure we are funding the best and brightest in dystonia research.  

DMRF Canada has partnered with the DMRF in the United States to fund the best world-wide research.  Since 1976 this collaboration has funded over 400 grants awarding $22 million in research funding.  In addition, DMRF Canada has partnered with other organizations including the Banting Foundation, Rare Diseases: Models & Mechanisms Network (RDMM) as well as the Dystonia Coalition to fund excellent dystonia research in Canada.  

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Research Partnerships

DMRF (USA) - DMRF prides itself on a long history of supporting and stimulating dystonia research for a better understanding of dystonia as well as to breakthroughs in genetics and therapeutics.  Beyond the funding of investigators, the scientific program of the DMRF is multi-faceted, encompassing contracts with pharma/biotech companies on targeted projects, scientific meetings and workshops, a clinical fellowship program, and partnerships with other like-minded organizations, all to further the understanding of dystonia.

The Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MSAC) is comprised of pre-eminent researchers and clinicians from various scientific disciplines. The members are responsible not only for grant review but also for setting the direction of the research to find more effective treatments and ultimately a cure.

Rare Diseases: Models & Mechanisms Network (RDMM) - This Network represents a truly national consortium that connects the infrastructure and leadership of Canada’s gene discovery projects with the model organism scientist communities of yeast, C.elegans (worm), zebrafish, Drosophila (‘fruit fly’) and mouse. Network administration is provided by the Maternal Infant Child & Youth Research Network (MICYRN) which joins 23 specialist networks and 20 maternal-child health research organizations based at academic health centers across the country, ensuring engagement of clinicians and rapid communication of Network activities. The Network was initiated with funding from the CIHR Institute of Genetics and Genome Canada.

Banting Research Foundation - Its mission is to invest in the early careers of researchers who demonstrate excellence and creativity in health and biomedical sciences. The Foundation was established in 1925 to support the ongoing research of Frederick Banting and other scientists, and has been continually funding research since then through an annual grant program. The Banting Discovery Award recognizes the highest-ranked applicants in an annual peer-reviewed competition for their big bold ideas in innovative health and biomedical research, contributing to a healthier Canada and a better world.

Dystonia Coalition - The goals of the Dystonia Coalition awards are to facilitate career development for junior investigators interested in clinical and translational research relating to dystonia, provide a mechanism for more senior investigators from other fields to get involved in dystonia research, and foster the most promising clinical and translational studies of direct relevance to dystonia. 



Last update: Mar 2023