Neurological Health Charities Canada

DMRF Canada is a proud member of  Neurological Health Charities Canada (NHCC). DMRF Canada Executive Director, Stefanie Ince is the Treasurer on the Board of Governors and works very closely with other neurological charitable organizations to work toward our shared advocacy goals.

NHCC is a collective of organizations that represent people with chronic, often progressive, neurological and/or neuromuscular diseases, disorders,conditions and injuries (brain disorders) in Canada.  The NHCC’s role is to provide leadership, evaluating and advancing new opportunities for collaboration specific to advocacy, education and research projects, related to brain health. 

Advocacy Priority

NHCC is asking the Government of Canada to immediately commit to developing a Canadian Action Plan for Brain Health to improve the lives of  the four million Canadians living with brain conditions and their families.NHCC has laid out a realistic roadmap to help reach this goal.

Details of the roadmap are in our brief to the Standing Committee on Finance: Helping Canada Prosper: Canadian Action Plan for Brain Health

Please visit the NHCC website to read about NHCC initiatives and to access newsletters.