Dystonia Research Canada

2021-2023 DMRF Canada Clinical and Research Fellowship - Dr. JiaRen Chai at London Movement Disorders Centre (ON) (July 2021)

Banting Research Foundation Grant 2019 Recipient - Supported by the DRMF Canada (August 2019)

Musician's Dystonia  (August 2019)

DMRF Canada 2019 Promise and Progress Report (July 2019)

2019-2021 DMRF Canada Clinical and Research Fellowship - Dr. Mario Sousa at Toronto Western General (July 2019)

Better Clinical Treatments for Dystonia Patients - Dr. Fasano (June 2019)

Better Clinical Treatments for Dystonia Patients - Dr. Kiss (June 2019)

2018 Clinical Fellow Karlo Lizarraga, M.D., M.S, Sets Up Toxin Clinic at Toronto Western General (August 2018)

DMRF Canada 2018 Promise and Progress Report (July 2018) 

New Dystonia Grant Funding Recipient Announced (June 2018)

2018 Clinical Fellowship In Dystonia Announced (March 2018)

New Studies Explore Novel Therapies for Musicians

New Research Award Granted to Dr. Robert Chen at Toronto Western Hospital (Oct 2017)

The Latest Dystonia Research Project We are Funding - Right Here in Canada (Sept 2017)

DMRF Canada and Allergan Announce the Launch of the First-Ever Clinical Fellowship for Dystonia (Sept 2017)

The Dystonia Canada Survey Report (July 2017)

DMRF Canada 2017 Promise and Progress Report (May 2017)

CIHR Funded Projects

Assessment of sensorimotor integration pathways during an illusory multi-sensory perception (March 2016)

Study of the involvement of relaxing glutamate and expression levels of neurotransmitter transporters in
dyskinesia induced by L-DOPA
 (June 2010 - May 2012)

The Neuronal Origin of Voluntary Drive and its Expression in Human Motor Cortex (July 2008 - June 2010)

CIHR Dystonia Research (2005 - 2014) Click here for PDF Version

Last update: Nov 2022