DMRF Canada Invests More Into Dystonia Research Projects in Canada

September 24, 2018

DMRF Canada is thrilled to announce that through 2018 and 2019, they will be increasing research funding for dystonia research that focuses on better clinical treatments for dystonia with the addition of two new projects, specifically for researchers in Canada:

  • DMRF Canada Clinical Fellowship with a Specialty in Dystonia has been updated to include a second year of funding, specifically for research into dystonia. DMRF Canada is accepting applications for a two-year clinical and research fellowship to support the training of exceptionally qualified physicians in preparation for their clinical career in movement disorders with a focus on dystonia. The goal of this program is to encourage growth and support of the field of movement disorders in Canada, with a focus on dystonia to support dystonia patients, and a commitment to research that is based on better treatment options for patients.
  • November 2018: DMRF Canada Pilot Project Grant for Better Clinical Options in Dystonia Treatment. Valued at $50,000 CAD, this grant will be used to support research that investigates treatments that will lead to better clinical outcomes, with a goal to improve the quality of life for dystonia patients.

DMRF Canada continues to support the DMRF Research Funding Program, as well as partnerships with other like-minded organizations like the Banting Research Foundation, and is committed to continuing to support patient participation in clinical trials.

“As the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Canada, we are committed to funding research into a better understanding of dystonia – and – ultimately a cure,” says Stefanie Ince, Executive Director, DMRF Canada, “In the meantime, however, it is important that we continue to investigate ways to help make life easier for dystonia patients today.  And that’s the reason for our enhanced funding in the areas of better clinical treatments.”

For more information on the DMRF Canada Research Program, click here.