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Dystonia Physio Exercise Hub – A Platform for Physiotherapists and Dystonia Patients
About the Platform

The platform is free to use for physiotherapists, patients, and no costs for healthcare.

Note that the platform doesn´t replace the physiotherapist. The physiotherapist has to meet the patient and do an analysis of the dystonia pattern, before they create the program. The platform is a very good tool for the physiotherapist in learning about the training, finding exercises and in creating the programs, and for the patients in the availability and understanding of their training programs.  
Anyone can go to the public page of the platform to read the information, news and see the demo.

For Physiotherapists

This platform is designed to help you as a physiotherapist in your treatment of patients with cervical dystonia. The platform has an external public page available on computer, tablet and smartphone and an internal closed page, addressed to physiotherapists, only available on computer. The latter contains over a hundred different exercises for cervical dystonia with descriptive text, 3D models and for half of the exercises also animations, providing both an exercise bank in your treatment and the possibility to design home training programmes. 

How to use the Platform

The platform is easy to use and has handy guiding filtering functions. This way, with basic knowledge of cervical dystonia, you can, after examining the patient, design a suitable personalised home exercise programme, which will be accessible to the patient through a randomised personal code. For those who do not feel comfortable with the digital, a pdf file is available with the possibility to print it on paper. As a physiotherapist, you will need to register to access the exercises, which is done through a form available under the "Register now" heading on the top menu on the website. The registration must then be approved by the manager of the respective country, after which you will receive login details via email.

It is only physiotherapists who are approved to register on the platform, and get access to the exercises and creating home training program possibilities. The patients get an individually code from the physio to write on the public page and view their programs on the mobile or computer. 

Click here to go to Dystonia Physio Exercise Hub

Swedish physiotherapist Johanna Blom has developed the platform in close collaboration with Dystonia Europe. The platform is funded by Boston Scientific Foundation Europe. We are grateful to them for allowing us to share this information.

Physiotherapists and Clinics who work with Dystonia Patients

Neuromotrix (Montreal, QC)

One Step Ahead Mobility (Toronto ON)

Propel Physiotherapy (Greater Toronto Area, ON)  

Rosedale Wellness Centre (Toronto, ON) 

MedRehab Group (Greater Toronto Area, ON)

Cairn Physiptherapy (BC) – . Michelle Read - Registered Physiotherapist living with cervical dystonia.


If you are a physiotherapist who treats dystonia and would like to be included in this listing, please email  

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Presentation by Catherine Chan, MPT - Managing Dystonia through Exercise and Physiotherapy

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