Dystonia Awareness Merchandise

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  Dystonia Medical ID     Bracelet  Dystonia Awareness Face Masks              Dystonia Awareness Lanyard       

Dystonia Alert Bracelet

Dystonia Awareness Face Masks

dystonia is a movement disorder poster


 Bracelets are 316L Surgical Stainless   Steel   (Marine Grade) and can be       worn  at all   times. There are two sizes   available (click  here for more details)


 These masks are 100% cotton jersey, 3 ply   construction with 2 layers of jersey with a non-   woven center for additional filtration. Note,   these are not medical grade.


These lanyards can be printed off from the comfort of your home.

Note: a neck cord is not included. 


 The cost (including shipping* within   Canada) is $30 CAD and the bracelet   comes with a wallet-size card.

 The cost (including shipping within Canada) is   $15 CAD. 



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Shop Online



 Wearing your dystonia medical ID   bracelet   and carrying the included  wallet card can   very valuable be in an emergency situation.   The card  provides important information   about  dystonia for medical personnel in   emergency situations when you may  be   unable to communicate. There is  room on   the card to include personal  information and   your emergency   contacts.


For more information, click here.

 You can help raise awareness of dystonia   when  and   follow health recommendations   during the COVID-19   pandemic when you   wear this new face mask. These   masks   provide dystonia patients the freedom to move   safely in the age of social distancing.



 For more information, click here.

 Based on feedback from the patient   community, we’ve also created a special   lanyard to raise awareness of dystonia,   and  to encourage honest discussion about   what it means to have a movement   disorder.  These lanyards can be worn   around your neck, used as a keychain, or   attached to backpack/purse/luggage. Help   us to raise awareness of dystonia and get   your free lanyard today!


 For more information, click here



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