Presenting: #mydystonia&I Webinar Series

Presenting: #mydystonia&I Webinar Series

Five speakers. Five topics. Five days. Empowered Patients.

TORONTO, ON – September 3, 2020 – The Dystonia Medical Research Foundation (DMRF) Canada, in partnership with Merz Therapeutics, is pleased to announce the launch of the #mydystonia&I Webinar Series, taking place on five different days during Dystonia Awareness Month this September.

Dystonia, the third most common movement disorder behind essential tremor and Parkinson's Disease, is a relatively unknown neurological disorder that is characterized by persistent or sporadic muscle contractions, causing abnormal repetitive movements or postures, at times resembling a tremor. Depending on the severity of the condition, patients are faced with varying degrees of disability or pain. Dystonia affects an estimated 50,000 people in Canada.

"DMRF Canada is thankful to Merz Therapeutics, and pleased to be able to provide these engaging, educational sessions”,  said Stefanie Ince, Executive Director, DMRF Canada; “and although we are all at home and social distancing, our hope is that we can use this time to learn more about what can be done to understand dystonia, optimize treatment methods, and come together as a community.”

Each of the #mydystonia&I Webinar sessions will be based on a specific topic and will bring patients face to face (virtually) with a Movement Disorder Specialists from all over the country.  Topics will include:

  • Understanding how to optimize treatment methods for dystonia;
  • Dealing with anxiety and stress;
  • The latest in dystonia research and techniques – and more!

All sessions will provide an opportunity for patients to ask the experts their pressing questions.  “On behalf of Merz Therapeutics, we’re proud to support this valuable initiative. It helps bringing the dystonia community together with the medical community, so patients are empowered to make well informed decisions to manage their own health", said Yannick Grosskreutz, Country Manager.   

Don’t miss out on this special event, kicking off the week of September 21st, and running through to September 30th. To learn more about dystonia, and the #mydystonia&I Webinar Series, visit:


About the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation (DMRF) Canada

The Dystonia Medical Research Foundation was founded in 1976 by Samuel and Frances Belzberg of Vancouver, after their daughter was diagnosed with generalized dystonia. The mission of the DMRF Canada is to advance research for more treatments and ultimately a cure; to promote awareness and education; and to support the needs and well being of affected individuals and families. DMRF Canada is a registered non-profit Canadian charity governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Merz Therapeutics

Merz Therapeutics, a business of Merz Pharmaceuticals GmbH, is a global healthcare leader dedicated to improving the lives of patients around the world. With our relentless research, development, and culture of innovation, we strive to serve unmet patient needs and realize better outcomes. Merz Therapeutics seeks to address the unique needs of people who suffer from movement disorders, neurological conditions and other health conditions that severely impact patients’ quality of life. Merz Therapeutics is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany and is represented in more than 90 countries, with a Canadian affiliate based in Burlington, Ontario. Merz Pharmaceuticals GmbH is part of the Merz Group, a privately held, family-owned company that has dedicated more than 110 years to developing innovations that meet patient and customer needs.

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For more information, please contact: DMRF Canada, 416-488-6974, toll free: (800) 361-8061  


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