Update on 2018 DMRF Medical and Science Advisory Council Meeting


This past month, members of the the DMRF Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee (MSAC) representing key opinion leaders in movement disorders, neuroscience and related fields met in Texas to offer their guidance on future research directions and priorities.  Roy Sillitoe, PhD, provided the keynote lecture to kick off the meeting. Dr. Sillitoe is an Assistant Professor at the Baylor College of Medicine, his research is focused on using the cerebellar branch of the motor system as a model for understanding brain development and disease.

Other presenters included Aloysius Domingo, MD, PhD from Massachusetts General Hospital, recipient of the 2017 Mahlon DeLong Research award, Dystonia Coalition Principal Investigator Dr. H.A. Jinnah and Dr. David Peterson from UCSD whose research applies computer-based computational methods to movement disorders.  New MSAC members, Jesse Goldberg, MD, PhD (Cornell), Mark Hallett, MD (NINDS) and Christian Schlieker, PhD (Yale) also addressed the group.

Last update: Oct 2022