Taking Surgery to a New Level

Winnipeg Free Press - PRINT EDITION- Placing MRI into operating room benefits patients
By: Jen Skerritt

For now, procedure will be used on neurosurgery patients undergoing procedures such as deep-brain stimulation, where a surgeon implants a device that emits electrical impulses to treat tremors, dystonia or Parkinson's disease.

 Everyone thought Dr. John Saunders was crazy. It was 1993, and Winnipeg neurosurgeon Dr. Garnette Sutherland went to Saunders with a problem.

Sutherland had recently operated on a young girl who had 10 tumours in her brain. He thought the operation had been a success, but an MRI scan later revealed Sutherland missed a section of tumour and the child would have to undergo another onerous surgery.

Saunders said his longtime research partner told him he needed an MRI in the operating room to look at what was going on inside the patient before surgery ended. At the time, his options were limited. To read complete article CLICK HERE