Dystonia Music Night Ends on a High Note

By Matt Day, The Chronicle-Fran Porter came to Dunnville five years ago and always heard about the Dystonia Buskerfest which was held each year in the Sobeys foyer, but she never had the opportunity to go. More

When organizer Laurie Bell mentioned she would have to give it up this year due to the disorder she lives with daily worsening since last year, Porter decided she would bring the music event to herself instead.

"I always worked Saturdays," said the Flyer's Cafe owner on why she was never able to attend and help out the musicians who set up shop inside the town's Sobeys for a better portion of the afternoon and helped raise money as well as awareness to the disorder which causes sustained muscle contractions, repetitive movements or abnormal postures.

"I thought, why not hold it here."  Click Here for Full Article