2019 Vancouver Dystonia Symposium

Dystonia Information Sessions

The 2019 Vancouver Dystonia Symposium was held on Saturday, November 2, 2019 at the University of British Columbia.

Nearly 100 individuals attended the event.

Medical professionals educated the audience about the latest innovations in dystonia research. Guest speakers who experience dystonia first-hand provided information to the audience as to how to find the best practices for living and thriving that can help manage the condition.

Ultimately, our mission is to help dystonia patients live their lives in ways that best suit them. We want dystonia patients to achieve their goals. The sharing of knowledge at a full-day information session such as this helps to that end.

We also believe that Symposiums such as this serve as useful learning opportunities for the dystonia patient community who may not know of all the resources available to them to better treat their condition. It is our hope that patients will use the information shared at the event to shape their journey with dystonia in an empowering way.

Feedback from Attendees:

"I learned so much and benefitted from all the education and info presented by all the speakers."

"I found the symposium information by chance and so glad I attended as it really validated my issues with this disorder."

"Excellent program for patients and caregivers."

For a few photos from the event, click here.

You can view presentations from the event here..

We thank attendees for their participation in helping to make the 2019 Vancouver Dystonia Symposium such an engaging and collaborative event. 

DMRF Canada would also like to thank our sponsors Allergan, Ipsen, and Merz for supporting this event.

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