Guided Hands

 ImaginAble Solutions’ is Lending A Hand To People Living With Dystonia

Lianna Genovese is the CEO & founder of ImaginAble Solutions and the inventor of the international award-winning product Guided HandsTM : an assistive device that enables people living with dystonia to write, paint, draw, and use a tablet or a computer. 

Lianna’s journey began in 2017 when she met Elissa, a woman living with primary generalized dystonia. She experiences involuntary curling of her fingers, hand and arm fatigue, and limited hand mobility, making holding and using writing utensils impossible. Before her condition worsened, she was a talented painter but now, she cannot grasp a paintbrush — a devastating emotional loss that stripped away her passion and creativity. Hearing Elissa’s story inspired Lianna to invent the first prototype of Guided Hands™ as her final McMaster University project.

By June 2019, Lianna’s biomedical and mechanical engineering background helped her transform the prototype into Guided Hands™. The device’s unique sliding mechanism guides hand movements in all directions as the user grasps a handpiece customized to their level of hand impairment. The handpiece can hold a variety of writing utensils such as pens, pencils, paintbrushes, markers, and an electronic stylus. 

Guided Hands™ gives users back their freedom of expression and enhances quality of life. Elissa’s passion was reignited as she was finally able to do what she loves once again. Read Elissa’s testimonial here

Inspiration struck again in August 2019 when Lianna introduced Guided Hands™ to a 12-year-old girl living with dystonia. As soon as she began painting with Guided Hands™ , a smile of true joy spread across her face. With the passion and drive to help more children and adults, Lianna created ImaginAble Solutions.

ImaginAble Solutions has received 7 national and international awards including 1st Place in the Innovative Design for Accessibility National Competition and the Most Innovative Award in the U21 RISE Global Competition.

Today, ImaginAble Solutions and their passionate founder, Lianna, work alongside a team of professionals at McMaster Children’s Hospital and McMaster University’s Faculty of Engineering to enable people like Elissa to live the life they had always imagined!

For more information visit to pre-order Guided Hands™ or email to book a virtual meeting with the ImaginAble Solutions Team.

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Last update: Jul 2020