DeLong Award Recipient Announced

The DMRF is proud to announce the latest recipient of the Mahlon DeLong Young Investigator Award among the research grants funded this year. The new award is named for the DMRF's Scientific Director of 20 years (pictured to the right), a devoted clinician-scientist whose pioneering research has directly advanced understanding and treatment of dystonia and other movement disorders.  His long-time leadership at the DMRF has been transformational and inspired many in the dystonia field. 


The DMRF extends our congratulations to Aloysius Domingo, MD, a postdoctoral research fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Domingo earned the $55,000 award for a project to examine the genetics of X-linked dystonia-parkinsonism (XDP) and to understand the brain pathways and networks affected by this disorder.  He will also compare his data with other genetic disorders (including dystonia and Parkinson's disease) which may harbor new clues into disease mechanisms.  XDP is a debilitating movement disorder characterized by symptoms of dystonia and parkinsonism. It affects Filipino men and boys almost exclusively and is one of the few degenerative dystonia syndromes.

Last update: Jan 2017