Curry's Art Store Donates Sale of Plastic Bags to Benefit Dystonia Awareness

Toronto, Ontario  - Curry’s Art Store Ltd. announces that proceeds of City of Toronto mandated plastic bag fee will be donated to Dystonia Medical Research Foundation of Canada (DMRFC).

As of June 1st, 2009 all retailers in Toronto are required to charge customers a minimum of 5¢ per plastic bag (City of Toronto By-law No. 356-2009). Curry’s has chosen to donate the proceeds of all plastic bags sold in its three Toronto locations (490 Yonge St., 283 Dundas St. W., 573 Queen St. W.) to the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation of Canada (DMRFC).

Dystonia is a neurological disorder that causes muscles to spasm and twist involuntarily causing awkward movements and/or positions. Primary dystonia affects an estimated 300,000 men, women and children in Canada and the United States. It may be caused by repetitive motions so musicians and artists may be at risk.

Curry’s has chosen Dystonia due to the possible impact on artists. This neurological disorder is relativity unknown even amongst physicians. Therefore it is important to use all means possible to raise awareness. The funds collected through the sales of bags will be used by the DMRFC to help with their mission to advance research for treatments and hopefully a cure; promoting awareness and education; and supporting the needs and well being of affected individuals and their families.

If you have frequent cramping or muscle spasms in your fingers, hands, forearms, or elsewhere, or if you want to help find a cure, please contact Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Canada: or 1-800-361-8061.

About Curry's Art Store Ltd. – Curry’s is a family owned Canadian company that currently operates nine Curry’s Artists’ Materials stores in southern Ontario. Since 1911, Curry’s has provided fine art materials such as; paint, brushes, canvas, art papers and much more to professional artists, hobbyists, students and everyone else seeking to express their creativity.

Media Contact: David Waye
Marketing Manager
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