2018 Jackson Mooney Patient Grant Recipient Announced


DMRF Canada, in partnership with Jackson Mooney and his brother Jeff, are thrilled to announce that DMRF Canada selected the 2018 Jackson Mooney Patient Grant recipient.

Meet Sarah Anderson, a high school graduate interested in pursuing her teaching degree at the University. Sarah suffers from generalized dystonia because of oxygen deprivation at birth. When describing her educational goals, Sarah says; “despite the inevitable challenges living with dystonia presents, I was always that typical child who looked to the future with goals such as eventually having a career. For this reason, academic success has been a major focus for me.”

A dedicated student, Sarah has been on the Honour Roll for three consecutive years.  This year she was named her High School’s Valedictorian. Sarah will be entering University in September 2018, with a goal to become an educator.  “Growing up, I was fortunate to have many teachers who not only passed on valuable academic lessons but inspired me through their knowledge and dedication. It is both my goal and my dream to educate and be that role model for the children of tomorrow.”

The Jackson Mooney Patient Grant was established to provide financial assistance for Canadian residents who are living with dystonia, in financial need, and committed to enhancing their current situation through furthering their education.  Jackson’s vision when he established the grant, was to make life easier for dystonia patients who were trying to further their education.  “I wanted to give someone a real chance to do something exceptional – something that they might not have  had an opportunity to do e to do.  This grant is aimed at helping in a small way”

This year’s grant valued at $4,500 will be directed to Sarah’s tuition costs.  “I have always been a ‘glass is half full’ type of person, but tuition is one challenge that a positive attitude alone can’t overcome. I’m truly grateful to receive this grant as it takes me another step closer to reaching my career goal of becoming a teacher.”


DMRF Canada wishes to thank all applicants, and a special thank you to Jackson Mooney and his brother Jefferson, both who generously came up with the idea for the grant and have committed to funding this on an annual basis.

Last update: Jul 2018