Focal Dystonias

Focal dystonias are adult-onset forms that affects a specific area of the body. Most focal dystonias are primary (meaning that it is the only neurological symptom and presumed to have a genetic component), though secondary cases are documented. Focal dystonia may affect muscles of the eyes, mouth, vocal cords, neck, hands, and feet.

Types of Focal Dystonia

Blepharospasm: dystonia that affects the muscles of the eyelids and brow

Cervical Dystonia: dystonia that affects the neck and sometimes the shoulders

Laryngeal Dystonia(Spasmodic Dysphonia): dystonia that affects the vocal cords

Oromandibular Dystonia: symptoms include forceful contractions of the face, jaw, and/or tongue

Writer's Cramp (Hand Dystonia): dystonia of the fingers, hand, and/or forearm


Last update: Feb 2024