Assistive Mobile Technology Initative for BC and Calgary, AB

March of Dimes Canada will help residents in Calgary and British Columbia with physical disabilities to enhance their community access and participation through the Assistive Mobile Technology Initiative by providing customized tablet packages (a tablet, a stylus and a cover/case), for up to 8 residents in each location. The tablet prize package will also include a pre-paid credit card to purchase/install appropriate apps to meet their needs, for a total value of up to $1,875.

Tell us your story and win a customized tablet with apps for communication, daily living and increased independence! The goal is to share how technology assists people to increase their independence and quality of life, enhance their ability to interact or communicate with others in the community or control electronic devices in their homes. The project will help successful applicants achieve one or more of the following: Increase access to services Explore or control the environment Contribute to their ability to take on new leisure pursuits Contribute to improving their education Assist in their employment objectives Assist in communication, verbal and written Applications must be received by the following dates: Calgary - January 22, 2018 British Columbia - February 9, 2018. Please see attachments below for additional details. 

For questions on this opportunity please reach out to Trisha Robbins at:

Last update: Dec 2017