2022 Jackson Mooney Patient Grant Winners Announced

October 2022

DMRF Canada is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2022 Jackson Mooney Patient Grant for Dystonia (JMPG). This annual grant, established by Jackson and Jefferson Mooney, aims to provide financial assistance of up to $5,000.00 for Canadian residents living with dystonia in financial need and committed to enhancing their current situation through furthering their education.

This year, the JMPG Committee opted to provide funding for education to two very worthy candidates:

Astrid Frauscher 

Astrid Frauscher was diagnosed with Cervical Dystonia in 2015 and has since undergone DBS surgery and a C2 – T2 fusion procedure to alleviate her condition. In 2021, Astrid made the decision to pursue a diploma in Child and Youth Services, “Covid-19 has really changed our world, especially for our youths trying to navigate through life, stressed parents, poverty, and trauma a lot more than ever before. These youths need help, and I can now offer that to those who are really hurting.”

As the President of the Calgary Dystonia Group, Astrid has actively assisted Dystonia patients who have expressed thoughts of suicide, offering compassionate guidance to the best of her abilities. Through her diploma in Child and Youth Services, she seeks to further enhance the lives of the children and families of tomorrow.

Julie Emeid 

Julie Emeid lives with dystonia and has undergone Deep Brain Stimulation surgery to address her physical disability, though she continues to experience muscle spasms. Her passion for helping others has evolved into a mission to advocate, educate, and create change for individuals facing disabilities and mental health challenges.

In pursuit of her goals, Julie plans to actively participate in disability or mental health committees at her university while seeking employment opportunities within the social work sector. Additionally, she envisions launching a business that offers customized aesthetic enhancements, using rhinestones, for mobility aid devices.

Julie's primary aim is to utilize the grant funds to further her education and expand her knowledge on making a meaningful difference. “I believe that change begins with an open dialogue. By having a conversation about disability and mental health, we can begin to break down the walls and strive for equity.”

DMRF Canada is grateful to Jefferson and Jackson Mooney and the JMPG Committee for their dedication to supporting this initiative. We also wish to thank those of you in the community who continue to support our mission. Thanks to your support, we can offer this support to the community and encourage everyone in our network to pursue their best life with dystonia.

Last update: Aug 2023