Jackson Mooney Patient Grant Winner 2020 – Meet Jennifer Ashton


On behalf of DMRF Canada, and the Jackson Mooney Patient Grant Committeewe wish to congratulate Jennifer of British Columbia, for being one of two recipients of the 2020 Jackson Mooney Patient Grant.

Jenn was diagnosed with Cervical Dystonia this past February, after nearly 20 years of being misdiagnosed with MS. 

A life-long learner, Jenn’s goal is to take a Certificate in Advanced Education Leadership with the long term goal to go on to teach and/or help to write policy and procedure at the administrative level for First Nations programming, which is a particular passion, given that Jenn is of Squamish First Nations Ancestry. 

The Jackson Mooney Patient Grant Review Committee was moved and inspired by Jenn’s story, and felt that her courage to continue to learn and grow over the course of her life was an important lesson for those living with dystonia.

In addition to her passion for education, and her journey with dystonia, Jenn is also an award-winning author and visual artist living in North Vancouver, B.C.  She is the author of the prize-winning “Siamelaht” in British Columbia History in 2019 and the new; “People Like Frank, and Other Stories from the Edge of Normal’’ by Tidewater Press.

You can learn more about Jenn and her book, which aims to raise awareness of dystonia, at: www.jenniferashton.ca.


Jenn Ashton

Last update: Sep 2021