Living Well With Dystonia - The Dystonia Wellness Checklist

DMRF Canada is committed to helping you live your best life with dystonia.

The next time you are visiting your movement disorder specialist, look out for the Dystonia Wellness Checklist. This is a short test that asks questions about your well being to identify areas where you may need additional support.

Movement disorder specialist have provided feedback into this tool, including Dr. Davide Martino, Director, Movement Disorders Program, University of Calgary. “I personally think that patients would welcome a different model of clinic, with more time for follow-up and discussion on non-motor features, but probably also simply being examined more often to discuss some details of the motor symptoms and the impact these have on their functioning and quality of life. A tool like the Dystonia Wellness Checklist will help to generate discussion and increase awareness of the various aspects of dystonia patients well being."

The Dystonia Wellness Checklist is available in clinics and doctors offices.

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Last update: Sep 2023