2021 Jackson Mooney Patient Grant Winners Announced


DMRF Canada is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2021 Jackson Mooney Patient Grant for Dystonia (JMPG). This annual grant, established by Jackson and Jefferson Mooney, aims to provide financial assistance of up to $5,000.00 for Canadian residents living with dystonia in financial need and committed to enhancing their current situation through furthering their education.

This year, the JMPG Committee opted to provide funding for education to two very worthy candidates:

Emily Ives

Emily Ives was diagnosed with generalized dystonia at the age of 14; however, she began experiencing her dystonia symptoms at the age of 11 when she was misdiagnosed with scoliosis. A grade 12 student living in Saskatoon, SK, Emily has always been passionate about fashion and design. “I have always been creative and loved fashion for as long as I can remember. When I was diagnosed with dystonia, I started putting more time into designing and sewing garments as a positive outlet.”

After Emily graduates high school, she will be attending Ryerson University to obtain a bachelor’s degree in design. Emily intends to build a career around her mission to create a more inclusive and sustainable fashion industry.

The JMPG Committee was inspired by Emily’s dedication to her passion for design, despite her diagnosis, and was delighted to be able to help her with her goal.

Laura Frégeau

Laura Frégeau is an Occupational Therapist (OT) living in Montreal, Québec, with her partner and children. She was diagnosed with paroxysmal dystonia after years of experiencing symptoms in her hands while performing certain tasks. Since that time, her symptoms have escalated, and now she has more severe episodes that also affect speech, coordination, and ongoing involuntary twisting movements.

Accepting that she was no longer able to practice as an OT full time, due to the nature of the work worsening her symptoms, Laura decided to pursue doctoral studies in rehabilitation science, researching the role of OT in supporting patients during long diagnostic delays. Laura begins her first course at McGill University in September 2021. The JMPG Committee is pleased to support Laura in this exciting new chapter of her career.

DMRF Canada is grateful to Jefferson and Jackson Mooney and the JMPG Committee for their dedication to supporting this initiative. We also wish to thank those of you in the community who continue to support our mission. Thanks to your support, we can offer this support to the community and encourage everyone in our network to pursue their best life with dystonia.


Emily Ives

2021 Jackson Mooney Patient Grant Co-Winner Emily Ives

“This grant means so much to me and has given me the opportunity to turn my dream of furthering my education into a reality. With the support of the Jackson Mooney Patient Grant, I hope to use my passion to create a more inclusive world.”

Laura Fregeau

2021 Jackson Mooney Patient Grant Co-Winner Laura Frégeau

“I feel so fortunate to have this support from the dystonia community as I begin a new chapter with my graduate research. Thank you to the Mooney family and the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation.”

Last update: Oct 2022