DMRF Canada Announces New Support Group in Vancouver

DMRF Canada is very pleased to announce the formation of the Vancouver Support Group with Co-Leaders Jackson Mooney and Robin Krantz. 


Jackson Mooney

Jackson was diagnosed with cervical dystonia 10 years ago.  He had DBS surgery in 2014.  Jackson wants to reach out to people in the Vancouver Area to provide support.  He strongly believes that people with dystonia should be given the opportunity to interact and learn from each other.  You can reach Jackson at 778 887-5054 and/or


Robin Krantz

Robin was diagnosed with cranial dystonia (Meige syndrome) in 2003. “The cranial dystonia involved my eyes, mouth, jaw, and neck and affected my eating, speaking and breathing as well as my vision. I have progressed favourably over the years and currently receive regular Botulinum injectiosn for the Blepharospasm portion of my dystonia. I look forward to meeting, sharing and learning from those also affected by and living with dystonia. Even though dystonia is an individual condition it shouldn't have to be suffered alone.
You can reach Robin at 778-298-4112 and/or