Introducing the 2019 Chuck’s Run Ambassador; Sarah-Anne

This year, we’re thrilled to introduce the 2019 Chuck’s Run Ambassador, Sarah-Anne.


She is a dystonia thriver, a daughter, a mother and a friend. Last year, Sarah-Anne and her family participated in Chuck’s Run, and it was a pivotal point in Sarah’s journey with dystonia.  “to be with large groups of people is difficult for me. But I so desperately wanted to be there and walk the full 5 KM …. And I did it. To see the community come together – to know that so many people there – strangers who I didn’t know - had once been alone like me - was a feeling like no other.”

This year, we’re happy to celebrate the dystonia community and encourage all of you to rise up in the face of your fears, to come out and meet others just like you!  Meet Sarah-Anne, her daughter Breylynn as yet again we walk, run and roll our way through High Park to raise funds and awareness for dystonia.

“Like all of you, I’ve been through the judgment, the stares, the looks, the curious faces, the skeptical friends.   And like you, I’ve learned to be strong, to rise above and to want more for myself and for my family” – Sarah-Anne