Grand Forks Area Contact

DMRF Canada wants to help set up a new support group based in Grand Forks, BC. We have a generous individual who has agreed to lead the group, and we want to help get things started!  The purpose of these support groups is for dystonia patients and loved ones to share stories, ideas, and create events to raise funds for dystonia research and meet others that are going through similar experiences. If you are interested in joining this group please let us know or email Susan below.

Though there are no dystonia treaters in Grand Forks, BC, the closest Movement Disorder Clinic is in Kelowna.

Click here for the contact information of the medical professional located in Kelowna

Leaders / Contact
Susan Harrison
Upcoming Events in this Area
Local Medical Professionals / Movement Disorder Specialists

DMRF Canada does not endorse any specialist or course of treatment and encourages you to consult your physician regarding your unique requirements.

Last update: Nov 2023