Regina Support Group

The Regina Support Group has just launched and we invite you to join us. If you are interested in participating in the group, please contact Judy (see contact information below). We are looking forward to connecting with you. 

Leaders / Contact
Judy Dove
(306) 537-0173
Local Medical Professionals / Movement Disorder Specialists
Wascana Rehabilitation Centre
Main: (306) 766-5402, Appointment: (306) 766-5521, Clinic Nurses: (306) 766-5514
Dr. Milo P Fink (For neurotoxin injections from the shoulders up only)
Dr. Amanda Kleisinger (For face, neck, limb and trunk dystonia)

DMRF Canada does not endorse any specialist or course of treatment and encourages you to consult your physician regarding your unique requirements.

Additional Information
For other medical professionals / disorder movement centres, please refer to the Saskatoon Support Group Page: