Invitation to Participate in Tele-Rehab Study for Cervical Dystonia Patients

Rutgers University in New Jersey will be examining the impact of tele-rehab in patients with cervical dystonia.

For this study, a certified yoga instructor provides one-on-one sessions with patients via video-conference. The protocol for this study is completely through videoconferencing (consent, assessments, and intervention). Therefore, Rutgers University can recruit from anywhere in the world, including Canada.

This study involves:

       3 1.5-hour videoconferencing sessions to answer questionnaires

       12 30-minute yoga sessions- at your home with the yoga teacher interacting with you via a live video chat on your computer

       Time commitment= 12 weeks

For patients stuck at home right now, this study provides a solid opportunity to stay active. 

There will be $80 USD compensation at the completion of the study. 

The Motor Behavior Laboratory of Rutgers University is looking for:

  •  Adults with cervical dystonia
  •  Male and Female
  •  Between 18-80 years old
  •  Ability to use videoconferencing

You should NOT volunteer if you:

  • Have an injury or condition that affects your ability to participate in physical activity
  • Have cognitive impairments that could prevent you from communicating or understanding directions
  • Are pregnant
  • Do not speak English

If you are interested and want to learn more,  please contact 1-973-972-8482 or email

See the Invitation Flyer below: 

Invitation to Participate Flyer




Last update: Apr 2020