You Can Help to Raise Funds for Dystonia!


Consider starting a dystonia fundraiser in your local community.  

Email us at  if you want to discuss your idea and to find out how the DMRF Canada can support your efforts. Here are some other ways for you to get involved:

Create your own fundraising campaign: 
You can fundraise to honour someone you love, celebrate a birthday, wedding or new baby, for a personal challenge,​ and many more occasions!​ 

Click Facebook to raise funds through Facebook.

Click CanadaHelps to raise funds through CanadaHelps.

Join our Do It For Dystonia campaign

Consider Promoting Mabels Labels to Raise Funds
DMRF Canada is a charity of choice for Mabels Labels.  A percentage of proceeds from purchases of Mabels Labels accessories and back to school gear will support DMRF Canada. Click here and raise funds for dystonia today. Don't forget to share this opportunity with your friends and colleagues! 

Support Other Dystonia Advocates: 

  • Casey Kidson: A true inspiration and grassroots fundraiser, Casey Kidson has done so much to raise awareness (and funds) through her campaign ‘Dyfying Dystonia’. Read more about Casey and her campaign click here.  


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