Beyond Dystonia: Are We Detecting and Managing Non-Motor Symptoms Properly?

In July 2022, Dr. Davide Martino presented studies and findings on non-motor symptoms in patients with dystonia, with a focus on understanding the clinical spectrum, how to detect them, and how best to manage them.

Dr. Martino is the Movement Disorder Specialist and Program Director of the Movement Disorder Clinical Program at the University of Calgary.



0:02:15 – What impacts the quality of life in dystonia?

0:04:07 – What causes disability in dystonia?

0:05:51 – Non-motor symptom – Pain

0:11:38 – Depression and anxiety in people with dystonia

0:19:15 – Social cognition and habituation to social stimuli in cervical dystonia

0:22:15 – Are people with dystonia who also have depression & anxiety more prone to use meds?

0:30:03 – Depression & anxiety: barriers and facilitators to screening and management

0:38:19 – Moving towards improvement in screening

0:41:44 – Recommendations for screening and management

0:44:37 – Medications and mood symptoms in dystonia


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Last update: Apr 2023