Dyfying Dystonia Series

Casey Kidson, one of DMRF Canada's Dystonia Ambassadors and a great ambassador for dystonia, has had an incredible athletic journey. She continues to 'dyfy' dystonia by swimming, biking and running towards many achievements that both athletes and non-competitors alike admire in awe.

Thanks to the Davies Charitable Foundation, Casey, in partnership with DMRF Canada, launched the Dyfying Dystonia Series in 2020. Here are the challenges Casey has taken on for her Series:

Here are the challenges Casey has taken on for her Series:

  • Casey took on a new challenge by becoming a Co-Leader of the Kingston Support Group 
  • Casey produced a stretching/workout video for the dystonia community to encourage everyone to move in the way that worked best for them. You can see the video below, or on YouTube
  • Hosting Dyfy The Storm - a series of podcast-style interviews (launching in 2021) with important figures from her journey with dystonia. 


Bien que les enregistrements vidéo soient en anglais, vous êtes invités à activer les sous-titres français. YouTube produit automatiquement ces sous-titres et ceux-ci peuvent ne pas être tout à fait exacts.


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Special thanks to The Davies Charitable Foundation for their support of Kingston initiatives. 

Last update: Aug 2021