As smoke clears, Tories, Liberals react to pot ruling

ADRIAN MORROW/The Globe and Mail, Robert Neron
has been licensed to use marijuana to relieve his cervical dystonia for more than a decade. 

A day after an Ontario court stayed charges of growing and possessing marijuana against him, Matthew Mernagh wasted no time exercising his newly acquired freedom to consume medicinal cannabis, setting some seeds germinating in a paper towel and paying a visit to Vapour Central in downtown Toronto.

The same ruling that granted Mr. Mernagh, who suffers from seizures and fibromyalgia, the right to use the drug to manage his symptoms also struck down the government’s medicinal marijuana program – arguing it was too difficult for patients to obtain the necessary licence to use cannabis legally – and ruled the country’s laws against possessing and growing the drug unconstitutional.More


Last update: Jan 2016