Presentations from DMRF Canada Calgary Symposium 2018


Please find below the presentations from patients, neurologists, doctors and specialists sharing valuable insights about Dystonia. 


September 15, 2018 

Key Note Session: Living Well with Dystonia, Tom Seaman

Dystonia beyond Dystonia: How important are non-motor symptoms, and are we investigating and managing them properly?, Dr. Davide Martino. See Dr. Martino's biography here. 

Dystonia Treatments (neurotoxin) and Genetic Testing, Dr. Oksana Suchowersky

Meditation 101: How to Shift from Surviving to Thriving with Dystonia, Bev Janisch


September 16, 2018 

DMRF Canada Update, Stefanie Ince 

Financial and Governmental Support, Carlyn Volume-Smith 

Chronic Pain Management - Better Choices, Better Health, Kathryn Brosseau